About LletrA Project

From website to project and hub of reference

The LletrA web page was launched in 2001, offering information about and specialist documentation of Catalan literature for readers, teachers, students, professionals and, in general, anyone interested in books and reading in Catalan. New multilingual spaces in Spanish and English were added to the initial page thanks to an agreement signed in 2005 with the Ramon Llull Institute. Moreover, there are new resources and applications like Poesia Dibuixada (Poetry in Drawing), Música de poetes (Poets’ Music), Viquilletra, TopobioGraphies of Catalan Exile, the monthly publication Argus, virtual exhibitions devoted to Catalan authors and their works, in addition to more than a dozen digital projects and online resources on Catalan literature, history and culture.

Thanks to the support offered from the beginning of this project by the Open University of Catalonia and other institutions, and their commitment to Catalonia, to culture, and to innovation in education, LletrA’s web pages, resources and applications have continued to consolidate as an online hub of reference for Catalan literature and culture which, in turn, has given its support to a wide range of individual and collective initiatives since 2009.

Online recognition of LletrA may be seen in the large number of visits to the spaces it conceptualises, produces and maintains on the Internet (the LletrA portal, Poets’ Music, TopobioGraphies of Catalan Exile, et cetera), its encouragement of new annual projects with the country’s leading cultural institutions (for example the LletrA Prize, jointly offered with the Prudenci Bertrana Foundation, and the UOC Prize for Innovation, jointly offered with the Lluís Carulla Foundation), the prizes it has been awarded and, above all, its aspiration to consolidate as a node of knowledge which is open to everyone, working with a wide range of institutions and cultural agents, attentive to everything that is happening on the Internet, innovative in applying the latest ITC trends to cultural diffusion, and always in a process of continuous learning.

LletrA is an active, plural network of people

From its inception, LletrA has enjoyed the support and help of Catalan writers, of teachers and researchers from all the Catalan universities, of people who love Catalonia all around the world, of specialist critics, and of professionals working in the media. Testifying to this is a list featuring more than three hundred names of the very best representatives of Catalan culture who have expressly written hundreds of new articles and critical texts.

LletrA is an online hub for Catalan literature and culture

Every new page, every new multimedia space we publish, selects, classifies, links and comments on the best online resources on Catalan literature and culture today. Updating and maintenance are everyday challenges which allow us to offer our readers (especially students at all levels of education) the best content and resources available online.

LletrA’s networking with the institutions

One of the bonuses of all the projects undertaken by LletrA is its continuous work with a wide range of public and private cultural organisations and institutions which are concerned about study, teaching and dissemination of Catalan literature and culture. No activity of ours is conceived without support and help from our partners. Hence, we work with all the universities of the Vives Network as well as leading Catalan institutions whose task is to make Catalan culture better known. It is our aim that UOC’s expertise in technologies in the service of diffusion of ideas will be open to everyone.

We are always receptive to any ideas about how we might work together. If you wish to contact us, please write to LletrA’s director Teresa Fèrriz Roure (lletra@uoc.edu). Thank you for your support and help in constructing a collaborative, open Catalan literary online project!