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El "Compliment a Mercedes" de Bartomeu #RossellóPòrcel, una felicitació poètica per a totes les Mercès…

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"Sens dubte, Manent és una de les figures literàries més singulars d'aquests darrers cinquanta anys. De fet, constitueix una rara barreja …

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  • Pistes

    By Mireia Calafell, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • L'acte darrer

    By Joan Vinyoli, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • Updated
    © Txema Salvans / ILC

    Ramon Solsona

    Born in Barcelona in 1950, he is a novelist, poet and scriptwriter. His work reflects …

  • Tota jo

  • © Regina Saura

    Lolita Bosch

    I like telling stories and, when you write, what you try to do is get as close as …

  • Joan-Lluís Lluís

    Joan-Lluís Lluís is the author of five novels and the brief collection of essays entitled …

  • Joan Oliver (Pere Quart)

    Joan Oliver is a writer who is difficult to place from the generational standpoint. He …

  • © Ara Balears

    Guillem Frontera

    Els carnissers [The Butchers] reveals a novelist that has already developed the tools to turn...

  • Portada de l'edició a La butxaca

    Vida privada (1932)

    The central theme of the novel is the financial and moral decline of the Lloberola family, one of the...

  • © Ricard Cugat - El Periódico

    Pep Puig

    Writing is rhythm. In the opening paragraphs you have to hit on that rhythm. A style that …

  • Twitter

    Emili Rosales

    [In La ciutat invisible -The Invisible City] Rosales has succeeded in drip-feeding the information, in...

  • © Gemma Ruiz

    Albert Forns

    I have never put limits on fiction. And surprisingly so, because even though we may have overcome all the...

  • © Enciclopedia.cat

    Bel Olid

    Bel Olid is skilful in her approach to the genre of storytelling, what she describes as her "natural habitat"...

  • Vicenç Pagès Jordà

    I’m asked to tell you who I am and why I write, and I don’t like these two questions. Say …

  • Margarita Ballester

    I was born in 1942 in Barcelona and have been living in Menorca for ten years now. In …

  • Salm i paràbola de la memòria pròdiga

    By Maria Cabrera, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • Una mare planxa una camisa del seu fill per a una entrevista de feina

    By David Jou, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • L'artefacte del límit

    By Esteve Plantada, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • Professor Bonaventura Bassegoda

    By Joan Margarit, in Poesia Dibuixada.

  • Updated
    © Txema Salvans / ILC

    Ramon Solsona

    Born in Barcelona in 1950, he is a novelist, poet and scriptwriter. His work reflects …

  • Andreu Martín

    “Writing in genre means playing with or, in other words, accepting a kind of literature …

  • Updated

    Martí Domínguez

    The fact is that everything — or just about everything — is part of my literary activity. …

  • Vicent Andrés Estellés

    The poetic production of Estellés is prolific and original. His importance derives from -among other elements- his having ...

  • planetadelibros

    Najat El Hachmi

    I wanted to be a writer... and a chemist. When I was a little girl, aged about ten or eleven, I really liked the Sherlock Holmes stories and, well, since the...

  • Salvador Dali: A Soft Self Portrait

    Salvador Dali: A Soft Self Portrait

    This portrait of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali details the dreamlike inspiration …

  • Lluïsa Cunillé

    In the 22 (twenty-two!) plays written by Lluïsa Cunillé between 1991 and the time of …

  • Amadeu Cuito

    I'm a good reader or at least one that reads quite a lot. And, as happens with a lot of …

  • © Laura Zorrilla

    Flavia Company

    Flavia Company, born in Buenos Aires in 1963 and a graduate in Hispanic languages and literature, is a prolific writer in Spanish and Catalan language and translator of many genres. Her writing has been...

  • Nadal segons Giotto

    Lecture of Narcís Comadira, edited by the Ramon Llull Institute and published in the …

  • The author recites three poems.

    The author recites three poems.

    Narcís Comadira recites three poems.

  • Narcís Comadira

    Narcís Comadira studied Humanities and Philosophy at the Seminary of his home city of Girona and at the Monastery of Montserrat, after which he began...

  • Enric Casasses in Música de poetes

    Listen to this songs made from Casasses' poems.