L'Ocell de Foc (1972)

[L'Ocell de Foc] (The Firebird), a novel in which the main character is an eleven-year-old minstrel, is set during the childhood of King Jaume I (James the Conqueror). It has constantly been reprinted and, a true and enduring bestseller, it has sold more than half a million copies. The boy’s skills with the lute and as a songwriter have earned him the nickname of Firebird. This is the story of flight and a quest, with a series of tests that must be overcome in a magnificent re-creation of the Middle Ages, taking us on a long journey through the lands of Provençal at the time of the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars during Jaume’s childhood. The life of the troubadours and minstrels, dynastic intrigues, poetic jousts, the ideals of courtly love … all these elements are interwoven in this novel.

  • Poetry As Drawing
  • Massa mare
  • Música de poetes
  • Premi LletrA