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    In Wikipedia

    Plot, translations and information of Typescript of the Second Origin in the free encyclopaedia.


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    Catalonia in Peril: On Manuel de Pedrolo’s Typescript of the Second Origin

    'Why should the English-speaking world of 2018 be interested in Typescript of the Second Origin, a novel published originally in 1974 in Catalan, a language spoken by just over five million people in Northeastern Spain, written by an author little known outside of that community?". By Dale Knickerbocker in Los Angeles Review of Books (15/09/2018).

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    A monographic study

    Special issue of Alambique: Revista académica de ciencia ficción y fantasia / Jornal acadêmico de ficção científica e fantasía (vol. 4, 2017) on Typescript of the Second Origin, directed by Sara Martín Alegre. It includes articles by Antoni Maestre-Brotons, Pere Gallardo Torrano, Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez, Isabel Santaularia, Sara Martín and Anna Moreno-Bedmar.

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    The Masterpiece of Catalan Science Fiction

    Prologue for the trilingual edition of the novel (Diputació de Lleida, 2016), by Sara Martín Alegre.

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    A review by Devin Smith

    In Full Stop (08/03/2018).

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    Le deuxième matin du mondefrench

    Summary, information about the author and some fragments of the Frech edition of the novel, translated by Marie-José Morlette. In Ecolit (Université Angers).

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