About Jaume Subirana

Award-winning poet, translator and academic, Jaume Subirana is one of Catalonia’s most treasured poets, winning some of its most prestigious prizes for his poetry and essays. In an eloquent translation from accomplished poet and translator Christopher Whyte, The Silent Letter showcases Subirana’s sharp observations, delicate eye for detail, stunningly beautiful images, and poignant suspension of the moment.

“Subirana is one of those poets who can help you pick yourself up and dust yourself down, to find – if needs be – reconciliation with poetry itself.” —Manuel Castaño, El País

“...a bright, engaging book of expression and daring, playful arguments, of new perspectives.” —Jordi Galves

“He continues to convince us of his own personal truth and his discreetly magnificent writing.” —Jordi Llavina, Diari Ara

“Subirana’s singular poetry expresses both the enigma and the perplexity it can provoke within the patient observer of landscape.” —Enric Umbert-Rexach, El Nacional

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