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    Verdaguer Foundation in Folgueroles

    Information about the Jacint Verdaguer Foundation at the website "Espais escrits. Xarxa del Patrimoni Literari Català" [Written Spaces. The Catalan Literary Heritage Network].

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    The Verdaguer Chaircatalan

    Page of the Verdaguer Chair of Literary Studies at the Universitat de Vic.

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    "Amic, Amat": Llull-Verdaguer-Bonet

    Poems on the recording of Maria del Mar Bonet devoted to Perles del "Llibre d'Amic e Amat" de Ramon Llull (Pearls from Ramon Llull's "Llibre d'Amic i Amat" ["Book of the Love and the Beloved"]) by Verdaguer.

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    Religious Couplets on Internet

    Texts of religious couplets written by Jacint Verdaguer.

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    Jacint Verdaguer on Video

    Information on the video Jacint Verdaguer, un escriptor per al poble (Jacint Verdaguer, a Writer for the People). Order form.

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    Barcelona and Verdaguer

    Page of the Barcelona City Council devoted to the Verdaguer Year and the different Verdaguer-related activities in the city.

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    Verdaguer in the Catholic Encyclopedia

    Biographical note in English.

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    Virtual Literary Itineraries

    From the website of the Consorci de Biblioteques de Barcelona , you can go to the Verdaguer Itinerary, in the "Barcelona i el mar" section.

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