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    Bird, God, Cloud

    A free, textual, no-links approach to the idea of disconnection and technology addiction. "Offline", CCCBLab (2019).

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    Debbie and Humbert

    A short story by Irene Solà. In Barcelona Metròpolis, 112 (July 2019).

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    The Unkempt Kitchen

    Thoughts on the creation of Canto jo i la muntanya balla and on the creative process now that the novel has been written and finished. In CCCB Lab (18/07/2019).

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    Five Poems

    Granta magazine (n. 144, Sommer 2018) published five poems translated by Oscar Holloway. It also includes a brief biographical note.

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    Beast [Bèstia, 2012]

    Sampler of the bilingual edition (English/Catalan) edition of this poetry book, translated by Oscar Holloway and Irene Solà.

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