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    Magisteri Teatre-Mag Poesia

    Poems from the books Estances (Stanzas), Tres suites (Three Suites), Del joc i del foc (On Play and Fire), Elegies de Bierville (Bierville Elegies) and Salvatge cor (Savage Heart). Catalan versions of texts by Rilke, Hölderlin and Kavafis.

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    Kavafis' Translator

    Nine poems of Kavafis translated by Riba.

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    L'Odissea (The Odyssey)

    Fragment of the classic translated by Carles Riba.

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    Selection of Catalan poetry

    Eighteen poems (four in English translation) from La paraula a lloure (The Word at Leisure), the first and second books of Estances, Elegies de Bierville, Salvatge cor (Savage Heart), and Del joc i del foc.

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    Poems by Carles Riba

    Three poems in Catalan translated into German.

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    Sis Joans (Six Joans)

    Carles Riba's well-known children's book.

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