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    Vele și vânturiothers

    It includes a brief note and the Romanian version of the poem 'Veles e vents', translated by Alexandru M. Călin. A Atelierul traducătorului literar, 28 (February 2018).

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    'Just like he who sees himself near death'

    A poem of Ausiàs March. In Catalan International View, n. 1.

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    Ausiàs March in the BVJLV

    Complete digital edition in the BVJLV of the poems of Ausiàs March, with Spanish translation by Baltasar de Romaní (Valencia 1539).

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    Ausiàs March in the RIALC

    The Computerised Repertoire of Ancient Catalan Literature (RIALC) contains 128 annotated poems, studies and bibliography.

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    Selection of Catalan Poetry

    Fifteen poems by Ausiàs March, two of which can also be read in English.


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