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    About Brother in Ice

    Information about the English version of Germà de gel, translated by Mara Faye Lethem, and published by And Other Stories (April 2018).

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    Procurar num espaço instávelothers

    A review by José Riço Direitinho on the Portuguese version of the Brother in ice. In Público (28/01/2018).

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    Brother in Ice

    Information about the novel and a brief biographical note in the New Catalan Fiction 2017 brochure, by Institut Ramon Llull.

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    Reviews about Brother in Ice

    What has been said about the novel, compilled by Zonan Rosko.


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    An interview in Portugueseothers

    On the occasion of her participation in the Correntes d’Escrita literary festival and the publication of the Portuguese edition of Brother in Ice. In Deus me libro (20/03/2018).

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