"Picasso in words" award 2012


We now have the winners of the Picasso en LletrA 2012 competition:

5-8 years:
CATALAN: vacant
SPANISH: vacant

9-14 years:
CATALAN: Clara Bisbal, from Manresa, for "Las Meninas"
SPANISH: Ana Soriano, from Villena, for "El abanico"

+ 14 years:
CATALAN: Oskar Bardina i Cabrera, from Riells del Fai, for "Retrat de la tia Pepa"
SPANISH: Bea Langa, from Barcelona, for "Pintada como una Mona... Lisa”
ENGLISH: Amy Licence, from Canterbury, for "Fairground Stall"

UOC Community:
CATALAN: Irene Alcaide Servià, from Girona, for "Retrat de la tia Pepa"
SPANISH: L. M. Antich, from Maastricht, for "Abanicando penas"


Barcelona, June 13, 2012


What story do you think lies behind some of Picasso’s works? Barcelona’s Picasso Museum and the UOC’s lletrA Project (Open University of Catalonia) invite you to take part in the "PICASSO IN WORDS" micro-story writing competition.

The micro-works for this prize should be brief stories of a maximum of 1.500 characters (including spaces). The subject matter should be inspired by one of the following works from the collection at Barcelona’s Picasso Museum:

1) Portrait of Aunt Pepa, 1896
2) Fairground Stall, 1900
3) Blanquita Suárez, 1917
4) Las Meninas (infanta Margarita María), 1957

A narrative or dialogue should be created inspired by the work chosen. No doubt, reference will have to be made to the scene depicted, but you may also want to reconstruct the character’s background or talk about the painter’s situation as he paints the work, etc. You can take advantage of any narrative thread you can see in the painting.


A) There will be three prizes for those aged 14 and over, for the best micro-stories in Catalan, English and Spanish.

B) There will be two prizes for those aged between 9 and 13 years, for the best micro-stories in Catalan and Spanish.

C) There will be two prizes for those aged between 5 and 8 years, for the best micro-stories in Catalan and Spanish.

D) There will be two prizes for UOC comunity, in Catalan and Spanish.

Presentation of the stories

The micro-stories can be sent in up until the deadline on May 25 (inclusive) via this form. Authors can take part with a maximum of two micro-stories each.

In addition to sending us your text, we suggest you to read it aloud and then make a video or sound recording of it. If you upload it to a website like Youtube or Ivoox, attach the web address to your form.


Prize-winners aged 14 and over will receive an story book signed by the author, the Picasso Museum card and a set of books.

Prize-winners aged 13 and under will receive a game and a set of books.


The jury will be formed by Mercè Ibarz, art critic and writer; Eva Piquer, journalist and writer; Màrius Serra, literary critic and writer; Bernardo Laniado-Romero, Director of the Picasso Museum, and Llorenç Valverde, UOC Vice President.

In assessing the micro-stories, the following will be taken into account the literary quality, that the subject matter reflects that proposed, and the originality of the focus, creativity and imagination.


The prizes will be awarded on June during the festivities scheduled to take place at Barcelona’s Picasso Museum and co-organised by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC). Members of the jury are to take part alongside all those who have presented a micro-story and want to read it out loud in public. The micro-stories are also to be published digitally by the UOC & the Picasso Museum and, if deemed appropriate by the jury, in other formats as well.

The organisation agrees to keep all the personal details of those taking part confidential. Ownership of the copyright for the stories shall remain with the authors. Taking part in this competition means accepting its terms and conditions.

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