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ANGEL OF OBLIVION (Translation by the author)

Sweet angel of oblivion, I am still weary of leaving.
I hide amongst the shadows beneath your distant sounds.
If you come to collect me bring me to a stiller darkness
Perhaps to be forever, perhaps not to be mine.

Perhaps I will be a silence, the oblivion of my people
who crawls amongst the shadows of an unfinished time.
Some dreams will die forever, new dreams may be forthcoming
And yet your very shadows are now my fondest dream.

Sweet angel of oblivion, more stone remains lay scattered
Beyond the lofty highness of my lost paradise.
Do not attempt to bring me the flames that burn forever
If I must be the seeker of your great solitude.

If you return to judge me the pagan night of my dreams
Shall pour its deadly stilless above your forehead.
Return free, so that only the distant ocean water
becomes the secret music that mingles with our souls.