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JAUME SUBIRANA (born 1963)


EVERYTHING COULD CHANGE FOREVER (Translation by Hillary Gardner)

It'll be just like now:
bags, shoes, papers, clothes
all over the place,
and on top of the bed
the suitcase, still empty.

It'll be just like now:
only halfway through
dreams, friends, love, books.
And only minutes left
before departure.
ESTATE (Translation by Sam Abrams)

The wind of the green among leaves,
the shadow of the hour on the wall,
a gesture made while undressing
and the air that surrounds us, devoid
of words like a truce:
the world is full of my belongings.
BOWL (Translation by Sam Abrams)

Empty, the winter is harsh,
it looks forward to
clusters of grapes,
the shine
of cherries.
Right now the smell
in the bottom is cold,
like a heart possessed by fear.
Yet it beats.